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17-02-2018 | CryptoFAN | 826


Concierge ICO - Travel Booking Marketplace

Travel Booking Marketplace which connects consumers and vendors directly together over the platform, to discuss their deal details with 0% fees or commissions.  Travels Newest Blockchain Based Platform. was founded by a team of travel professionals, after understanding an opportunity to apply blockchain technology to the travel industry and the market they operate within. Blockchain brings the latest technology, quality, efficiency, economics, and transparency to travel, developing the most effective method of entry. The team having been involved in the travel industry for a combined 75 years, is confident that they can bring a sustainable solution and enhancement to the status quo of the online travel market.

Needless to say, that solution is blockchain.

In the mid ‘90’s the .com era removed typical travel agents away from high streets and replaced those with numerous online travel platforms. 100% of these platforms are commission based and 90% are owned by the, so called, big 5 travel corporations, charging between 15% and 45% commissions. Blockchain allows us to reduce commissions and transaction fees within the equation and fundamentally add a transparent review process within the system.

This will change the entire $500 billion USD travel industry. Small local hotels and local tour providers are hit hardest by the current solutions and suffer reductions in their margins due to price strategies from said online travel booking platforms. The platform will restore equality into the travel-world and allow travelers access to high-quality products and services, rather than to those who have larger budgets for advertising.

Additionally, allows peer-to-peer communication between consumers and vendors, allowing them to make a mutually fitting agreement utilizing a smart contract (NEOContracts). The set rules, distributed within the Neo blockchain and employed by ensures that both consumer and vendor walk out of a deal satisfied, according to the deal details agreed upon in the smart contract. In case of any disputes, the smart contract provides the answers.

So, all fine, but we all know that any enterprise needs a profit in order to operate. So, how do they do it?

In cryptocurrency, platforms typically restrict the supply of tokens, which essentially inflate the price of these as they are traded and used as payments. CGE is a utility token, meaning it is to be traded and used within the platform as a payment method. Following a demand increase and supply decrease, the value will follow an increasing trend, as seen in all cryptocurrencies. The potential for the native CGE utility token to be incorporated into other ecosystems over time is neither set nor limited at the present moment, this would only further add to the value of the token.

There are currently many ICOs and some offer genuine solutions. is offering a sustainable concept, with 65% of the 100 million tokens to be supplied to the public. 20% of allocated supply to future developments, such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), through their development partnership with SotaTek, and 15% of the total token supply allocated to their team to be distributed over a period of time. The inflow of revenue will follow a featured advertisement strategy similar to Facebook and Googles revenue models. Allowing merchants to upgraded exposure against a small CGE fee. In order to derive income from the project, the development will rely on transaction numbers and increase of platform users.

Advancements of will initially begin its rollout within south-east Asia, targeting vendors within the region with the focus on Vietnam and Thailand to start with. Primary target consumers will be those traveling within this region from within the crypto community, but also average users. This is a key reason the platform takes both cryptocurrency and fiat currency as payment. Pre-ICO will take place the 14th February 2018, following the development of the beta web platform finalizing after the pre-sale (expecting 4–6 weeks following the commencement of the pre-sale).

With the current expanding south-east Asian travel market, brings a solution to current limitations within the industry. A number of hotels & resort groups and tour providers are already eager to add their respective listings on the platform, with an initial letter of intent ready to be signed in the coming weeks. Thus, once gaining momentum, the platform will move forward, with limited complications, costs, risks and only gains to be sold. This will be done through dynamic and intelligent growth hacking marketing strategies.

Due to non-regulation and non-supply manipulation, cryptocurrency will remain very volatile until its adopted by the masses, following an upward trend in terms of total market cap. CGE will be no different. is combining the blockchain technology within a system and industry, which can easily justify its reasoning for usage. An industry subjectively predicted to maintain continuous growth.

Please visit to register for the ICO Sale --  PRE-SALE SOLD OUT,

ICO sale Start: 
31st March 2018 @ 09:00 UTC
End 30th April 2018 @ 09:00 UTC

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