How Global Spy is bringing due diligence to the cryptocurrency market

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07-03-2018 | CryptoFAN | 1021


How Global Spy is bringing due diligence to the cryptocurrency market

The cryptocurrency industry is one of the fastest growing industries. Just a decade ago, it was simply a white paper proposing the creation of such a platform. Now it is a $600 billion industry based on last year’s capitalization values. As a result, thousands of investors are diversifying their portfolios with cryptocurrency assets. 

Consequently, the number of cryptocurrency coins and tokens being launched has substantially increased. Estimates indicate that the number of ICOs and cryptocurrency startups increased by 40-fold from the 2016 numbers. This increase in cryptocurrency assets and ICOs presents a problem to the average investors. 


The need for prudent due diligence

Unfortunately, more than 80 percent of ICOs fail within the first year leading to losses for investors. The high failure rate of cryptocurrency startups can be attributed to several factors that include:


  • Lack of a unique proposition. Many cryptocurrencies simply replicate the offerings of other altcoins. Many of them are trying to be the new Bitcoin or Ethereum, and this is a sure path to failure.
  • Poor technical execution. Even if the startup has a unique idea, the success can be influenced by how the blockchain is technically created. Many expert cryptocurrency investors look at the algorithms, smart contracts and the technical soundness before investing. 
  • Poor entry strategy. Cryptocurrencies require an effective market entry strategy before they are accepted. Just creating a white paper is not enough for a cryptocurrency to gain the traction in the community required for a successful launch. An effective marketing and bounty campaign greatly influence the success. 


The highlighted issues are quite crucial in determining the success of a cryptocurrency asset or security. Unfortunately, very few investors have the skills to analyze cryptocurrency assets and startups before investing in them adequately. As a result, many investors lose millions by investing in the wrong program. 

The Global Spy solution

Global Spy has an innovative solution that also presents an income generating opportunity for investors in the cryptocurrency industry. It offers a blockchain-based cryptocurrency research service for use. Users on the platform acquire Spy tokens that they can use to pay for research on a specific cryptocurrency, ICO or crypto security. Global Spy’s international research agency will perform the due diligence on behalf of the user. 

This is not just a simple web-based research. Global Spy goes as far as visiting the main officers to ascertain whether startups are genuine. It combines technical research to determine the soundness of the blockchain and smart contracts to business analysis that ascertains whether the startup or cryptocurrency is unique enough to survive the cut-throat industry.

The biggest benefit is that if another investor requests for the same research, they will be forwarded your results and you will receive half of the payment. This changes everything. Research data is no longer something that you simply use and set aside. It can earn you revenue.  Since it uses blockchain technology, it is secure, confidential and transparent for all users. Due diligence is now rewarding. For the first time, investing in cryptocurrency assets is no longer simply rolling dice and hoping for the best.  Join Global Spy by taking part in the upcoming ICO. 

The ICO will start on 15th March and investors will receive bonuses based on when they partake in the ICO.  The price is 5000 Spy Tokens for 1 ETH. The first week will see a 20 percent bonus while the second will have 5 percent. Any purchases over 5.5 ETH will be subject to KYC. The hard cap is 150 million while the soft cap is 5 million Spy tokens.

You can join the whitelist on or contact Global Spy using any of the following channels.

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