Renitheum announces its launch in May 2018 – Make your move in the new age of DAICO

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19-03-2018 | CryptoFAN | 449


Renitheum announces its launch in May 2018 – Make your move in the new age of DAICO

Sponsored press release. Every readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below.


We believe that Renitheum is the global leader in secure digital asset trading platform. 


We know that many of you choose ICO as the path to your future, but would you want to go on a smoother and more secure way? Join us in our latest RENITHEUM Project which applies the new and advanced DAICO fundraising model. We are not the first, but we assure to be the best.

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Not long ago, the cryptocurrency market has surged to its popularity. In this highly competitive and constantly changing field, you need to know how to step ahead of others; in other words, create your own advantage and differentiate yourself from the rest. Renitheum brings you the opportunity to obtain that – it is one of the most innovative and potential projects at the moment.

With ICO, the reason why many investors hesitate to pour money into is the high level of risk they face. Cyberattacks and frauds are among the most typical threads. In contrast, DAICO could greatly improve the traditional structure of an ICO and eliminate the risk of resources being used for inappropriate purposes for personal gain. As introduced by Vitalik Buterin – the creator of Ethereum, “The DAICO contract starts off in ‘contribution mode,’ specifying a mechanism by which anyone can contribute ETH to the contract, and get tokens in exchange.” Contributors are granted the right to vote on the usage of funds, and there is always a refund option if you do not want to continue on the same way with us. One concern is that votes could be manipulated in either direction; however, the team still retains the power to change it. If unfortunately, a malicious attack controls the votes in a way which causes the cancel of the project, contributors would get their money back. Clearly with DAICO, everything is always in control and much more secure. You contribute, decide, supervise and benefit.  Nevertheless, at the present, there are hardly any efficient DAICO projects that you can safely entrust your money to.

Since the introduction of DAICO, seeing the advantages and promising future of it, we have been continuously working hard to bring Renitheum to the cryptocurrency world. Our plan is to apply DAICO and smart contracts for RENITHEUM project. Renitheum is a token developed on the basis of Ethereum. Renitheum inherits features from Ethereum and moreover, it discovers security vulnerabilities and defends them by adding more advanced security features for users. In the future, we will build a security base for Renitheum including: Renitheum VM; Renitheum Smart Web which consists of Blockchain, Renitheum Runtime, Renitheum Carrier, Renitheum Software Development; Smartcontract and Renitheum D-apps. 


The RENITHEUM platform is the solution for the most crucial industry problems, such as limitedness due to the lack of information, lack of transparency and, consequently, lack of trust. The smart contract technology that underlies the platform will provide an automated and absolute transparent system for investment and profit distribution. In our project, we have implemented certain strategies to minimize investment risks.  That’s why we are proud that RENITHEUM’s DAICO is one of the best ways to prevent scam and ensure safety when joining crowdfunding models and ICOs. 

It’s is not easy to present our strategy in just one or two pages of paper. We would be very grateful if you could check out our page HERE to know more about this potential project. Hopefully you will become our precious companion!

Our DAICO will start on 30 May 2018. We know you won’t want to miss the exclusive benefits of the first comers. Aside from possessing Renitheum tokens – a digital asset that is highly expected to grow rapidly in value, you will also enjoy our favorable bonus and referral program.



Coin name: RENITHEUM 
Coin symbol: RTH 
Total supply: 500,000,000 RTH
Our public DAICO is scheduled to start at the end of 15 of May, 2018.



Company name:     RENITHEUM
Company site:
Company contact: 

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