Signals: The Playground for Crypto Traders

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10-03-2018 | CryptoFAN | 5233


Signals: The Playground for Crypto Traders

Introducing Signals: A crypto marketplace where you can build, train, and monetize trading strategies


The crypto market is booming and becomes more and more complex. At the same time, an increasing number of people are becoming or at least considering to become, crypto traders. While advanced machine learning methods can help a great deal in both decision making and market monitoring, most people still rely on nothing but their gut when it comes to crypto trading. Well, a project called Signals is here to change that. 


This ambitious startup is connecting data scientists and developers with both beginning and advanced crypto traders through a new platform that is easy for everyone to use. So if you are a cryptocurrency trader, but perhaps don't possess any coding skills, this might be something for you. With Signals, you can embrace the power of algorithmic trading, and trade 24/7 based on data insights - not your emotions.


What's in it for you?

You can access all that through an intuitive interface, and soon you’ll be able to assemble your trading strategies in the Signals Strategy Builder and offer them to other fellow crypto traders for copy trading. Currently, you can try the Alpha version of Strategy Marketplace (released just a few weeks ago) which showcases the design of the platform and several strategies assembled by Signals team. 


Except for the Strategies Marketplace, the platform will also offer a Data Marketplace and Indicators Marketplace, mostly dedicated to data scientists and developers. If you're a developer yourself, here you’ll be able to create whole new trading indicators in a Python-like language and offer these indicators for sale to crypto traders. Your code will be wrapped into a user-friendly visual component so that anyone can use it as a strategy building block. In other words, developers will be able to focus on creating and selling the building blocks and traders will be able to focus on the logic of the strategy to optimize profits. It's a win-win for everyone involved.


Since Signals’ goal is to create the best playground for traders their team is not wasting time. They have already closed a partnership with blockchain based cloud computing platform iExec and prediction market STOX to bite through big amounts of historical data from the exchanges as smoothly as possible. They have also partnered with Foxconn data center SafeDx based in Prague, Czech Republic to have the necessary infrastructure for storing and processing Big Data computations.


What's coming soon?

So far, everything about Signals was a success. In November 2017, Signals successfully raised the hard cap in a public token presale, released a well-accepted testing Alpha version of the product, their community is increasing every day with more than 30,000 followers on their Telegram channel.


Right now the company is preparing for the Main SGN Token Sale on March 12, 2018 to fund further development and to bring the fully-featured Signals Marketplace to avid cryptotraders as soon as possible. Based on their roadmap, we can expect the Data and Indicator Marketplaces to open in spring 2018. 

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ICO listICO ListingUpcoming ICOICOsICOBlockchainBest ICO 2018ICO NEWS