Six reasons why Sether should get your ETHER

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06-12-2017 | CryptoBlast | 728


Six reasons why Sether should get your ETHER

Each ICO has a purpose and an angle on the blockchain. The challenge to an investor is to figure out if this purpose is achievable, and if the angle is smart. As founders of the Sether platform, Flavius Burca and Cristi Savescu explain its place on the blockchain, revealing the meaning behind all Sether ICO particularities.

As you get on developing a blockchain platform, critique is more valuable that air. Being analyzed from different points of view helps maintaining a correct perspective. Sether received a great review, so we decided to address it with this article, and to thank the reviewer at the same time, for the help to clear up these important aspects.


1. We got more than a tiny bit of help from Tinybowl


In a razor sharp blog, 4 clever analysts from Tinybowl inspect the Sether White Paper, reaching a sullen verdict: it’s unclear.

You can read the article here. After a wonderful expose, (that we still read from time to time, just to feel good) Mr Neutral Black, Inquisitive Brown, Market Purple, Negative Red and Technological Green draw rather dreary conclusions.


2. We have a solid proposition to the investor

“These people are great programmers, but their business proposition to the investor is awful.”

We did not prepare a proposition for the token investor, so thank you Mr Black for pointing that out. That’s because Sether is a Business to Business platform. We offer a programmatic social media marketing platform that businesses can use to promote their products, organize campaigns, motivate or find new customers. All of this will be powered up by our tokens. Hence, we view the Sether ICO first of all as a business to business proposition, and only secondly as an investment opportunity to individual users.

We are selling our tokens in a sale to incentivize and to promote working with the platform, not to raise money to have it done. Until now, we focused to deliver this message to companies, for our preICO campaign. From now on, you will find a section on the site explaining the advantages of investing in SETH tokens, in regard to the coming ICO crowdsale period.


3. We chose no softcap because we’re here to do business

“ […] there is no softcap. They claim that the project will go on no matter what the contribution is.”

We chose to skip the softcap for the project because we will launch it with our current resources. We commit ourselves to making this platform happen, and to offer operational value to the SETH Token. It is our promise to any businesses that invests in preICO SETH Tokens, but sure, it means something to any ICO Token buyer.

It means we are here to stay, and that our Token will rise, not because it was all sold in the sale, but because with it you’ll make successful campaigns, bounties and promotions happen.

So, yes, this project does not need your investment to get made. And yes, we are using this great opportunity to develop this business as fast as possible, in everyone’s good interest. Red-flagging our softcap lack as an investment risk only leaves up investing in Kickstarter-like ventures, that totally depend on the funds being gathered. The way we see it is like this: if your idea is so good, why not get a loan and finance it yourself? Before you ask people to see it as an investment, you should properly invest in it yourself.


4. We set the right hardcap for a hardcore platform

“[…], there is a huge hardcap. If it is reached it would mean valuating the tokens (not even the company) (they sell 50% for a hardcap of 165,000 ether, currently all tokens would be 132M USD in value).”
“That approach to software engineering is not adequate for innovation. The rationale behind this is “let’s get as much money as possible so we can hire a workforce as large as possible to finish this”.

The success of our platform, and the value of our Tokens have no relation to our ICO reaching the hardcap. That’s not how this works. The hardcap simply prevents dilution. We chose such a high hardcap as a precaution, to make sure we do not fall short in case we need to sell massive Token amounts.

In order to understand this high cost, though, you have to take into account that the more our clients will use the platform, the more tech we will need to buy. So, to keep innovating, we need to add more and more tech, it’s not the workforce that will rise costs. Luckily, we have our Big Data experience to guide us through the development of this platform.


5. This is Not The Wolf Of Wall Street

“- What are the consequences of this?
- As investor, I do not know how much am I paying for what percent of the tokens. That is, if I put 1 eth, what percent of property (of tokens) do I have. It is blind investment. Also, not having a hard cap and claiming that they would do the project anyway means that they do not need my investment, so they are just using a good opportunity to get additional funds to try to do a faster development.”

Buying a token in an ICO does not grant you a percent of the company. ICOs are not like IPOs, and this is a general rule for all ICOs. At the end of the crowdsale you get to know what percent you own of the total amount of tokens. It’s impossible to know beforehand. All ICOs that burn unsold tokens at the end of the crowdsale operate in the same way, it’s not particular to SETHER. This is an advantage for investors, as opposed to ICOs that don’t burn the tokens and end up selling only a small amount. They will have a huge mass of tokens with little to no value, and investors will indeed know beforehand what percent they will own, but they will end up having a known percent of almost nothing, if the crowdsale does not succeed.

ICOs that are burning tokens (or minting them) guarantee that unsold tokens will be destroyed (or not generated in case of minting). This means that the shares of the investors and the company maintain the original proportions.

If you invest 1 ETH and you are the only one who will invest, at the end of the crowdsale, your 1 ETH will entitle you to 40% of all SETH tokens available.


6. We’re launching Sether Alpha

“- They may succeed, but the risk does not match the reward. Particularly with that ridiculously high valuation of a software that does not exist.
 — If the software does not even have a prototype (they only have a proposed API definition), the team is good but not world class, there are not pre-existing clients, no strategic partners… I have to agree, the valuation is not correct. I am out”

Having no pre-existing clients and no strategic partners is how any business is at the beginning, and stands as part of the reason for our ICO. To overcome this as soon as possible, we sped up the development of the Alpha version of Sether, and we managed to launch it sooner than expected. You can check it out on We are currently making arrangements with several businesses to help us test the platform. We will release all the details about the test.

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