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BITDEPOSITARY ICO - Stopp Scams with Bitdepositary

Ultra-Secure and Real-time ICO Market – Be part of the revolution.


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About Bitdepositary

Bitdepositary is the world’s first ultra-secure Q-ratio market ICO funding community, built on Blockchain and Salesforce technologies. The platform will be integrated with a multi-wallet payment solution and crypto exchange; making ICO investment quicker and more secure. Bitdepositary will be the mediator and payment platform for an expansive community of serious ICO investors and the ICO project managers/creators. Aiming to eradicate fraudulent activities and token theft from the ICO market.



Mission – Ultra-secure and Real-time ICO Market

To elevate user ICO returns by establishing a robust community platform that is built on trust, transparency, and assurance. The Bitdepositary platform will verify quality ICO’s through BitTeam project review, a specialist Legal and Tax expert evaluation, and user voting. ICO managers/creators will benefit from instant access to d who will lower their marketing costs and help them raise funds faster and more securely.


Bitdepositary aim to bridge the gap between ICO’s and a community of investors with flexible payment solution integration and a highly democratic user voting system. Integration of an e-money provider will give users full control of their payments, exchanges, tokens, and coins from within the Bitdepositary App. This provides an instant, easy, and safer way to invest in quality ICO projects on the platform.


You can now join Bitdepositary and make the ICO world more secure and promote the high-quality of ICO projects.



The Bitdepositary Token (BDT)

BDT will be an ERC20 Token which will be listed on the Bitdepositary exchange and other exchanges such as OKEx, Bitfinex, HitBTC and Binance. Users will use the BDT to pre-invest in an ICO project before acceptance to the platform. After pre-investment with BDT, the user will receive 25% more purchased project token from a voted or invested project, only when the project reaches the softcap. Only BDT will be used to pre-invest on projects launched on the Bitdepositary platform.




2017 Q2

·    TGG Holding GmbH Founded in Germany

·    Salesforce Development Commenced

2017 Q3

·    Finance Marketing GmbH Founded Bitdepositary Business Concept Realized

·    Blockchain and Salesforce Programming & Marketing Team Formed

2017 Q4

·    Discussion with legal experts and Tax Consultants

2018 Q1

·    Formulation of the Bitdepositary Development Team

·    Financial License Conceptualized

·    Programming work and ICO modelling commenced

2018 Q2

·    Bitdepositary Company registered in Malta

·    Completion of ICO programming

2018 Q3

·    Launch of Multi-Wallet for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and BDT with fully-integrated crypto-exchange

2018 Q4

·    Launch of BDT on external exchanging

·    platforms Release of Bitdepositary App

·    Integration Stock Market to sell or buy tokens/coins

2019 Q1

·    Closing of formation Bitdepositary E-Money License

·    Integration of Fiat currency Wallets (EUR, USD, GBP, GEL, and RUB)

2019 Q2

·    Start Bitdepositary Investments Platform

·    Delivery of Credit Cards


Token Distribution

Private Pre-Sale 6 %

Open Pre-Sale 6 %

Open Sale 63 %

Team 5 %

Marketing / Referral / Bounties 20 %


Distribution of Funds

Legal & Business Development 5 %

Credit Card Payment 10 %

Exchange & Stock Market 20 %

Salesforce, Blockchain & App Development 30 %

Marketing 35 %


Meet Our Team


Tobias Graf - Founder/CEO

6+ years of CEO experience, Co-Founder

Wirtschaftskanzlei Mittelschwaben GmbH, Finance Marketing GmbH & TGG Holding GmbH.


Carina Graf - CFO

10+ years finance experience, background in sales management, economics, and tax.


Caner Filizer - CSO

6+ years experience gained in sales and operational management, his responsibilities encompass both the operational and strategic objectives of the Bitdepositary business.


Mrinal Sharma - CTO

7 + years development and blockchain experience with an extensive and highly diverse skill set. Bringing essential insight and technical expertise to the team.


Meet the complete team here at bitdepositary.io


1st August 2018 = Start Private Pre-Sale ICO with a minimum investment of $500, no maximum cap.

15th August 2018 = End Private Pre-Sale ICO. Start Open Pre-Sale with a minimum investment of $500, and a $150,000 maximum cap.

29th August 2018 = End Open Pre-Sale ICO.

5th September 2018 = Start ICO Open Sale with 30% BDT Bonus offer. 30% Referral Bonus. $10 minimum investment and a $150,000 maximum cap.

19th September 2018 = ICO Open Sale with 20% BDT Bonus offer. 20% Referral Bonus. $10 minimum investment and a $150,000 maximum cap.

3rd October 2018 = ICO Open Sale with 15% BDT Bonus offer. 15% Referral Bonus. $10 minimum investment and a $150,000 maximum cap.

17th October 2018 = ICO Open Sale with 10% BDT Bonus offer. 10% Referral Bonus. $10 minimum investment and a $150,000 maximum cap.

31st October 2018 = ICO Open Sale with 5% BDT Bonus offer. 5% Referral Bonus. $10 minimum investment and a $150,000 maximum cap.

14th November 2018 = End ICO

Website: https://bitdepositary.io/

64 % done. And Days 25 Left

Main info:
Token Name Bitdepositary Token
Token Symbol: BDT
Total Supply: 1000000000
ICO Start Date: 05 / September / 2018
ICO End Date: 14 / November / 2018
PRE-ICO Start Date: 01 / August / 2018
PRE-ICO End Date: 29 / August / 2018

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