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Liger ICO

Gaming & VR




LIGER is best suited for the demands of Online Gaming & Fantasy Sports. Sans intermediaries, it connects the traders with users directly and brings in more business. Here’s why LIGER should be your choice for trade.


  1. What is the ICO for?

    An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a method to fund the success of Liger and cover the costs for the next years.

  2. How does a user benefit from Liger?

    Assurance of Fairness of Outcome
    LIGER shall be developing and designing the games on the Blockchain technology. This will assure the gamers of fairness of outcome both in the Online as well as Offline space.

    LIGER will ensure complete privacy as all the transactions are on the blockchain and are identifiable only through a unique ID. Involvement and encroachment upon the privacy of the user will automatically be protected as there would be no involvement of conventional banking system.

    LIGER will ensure an easy to use wallet with immediate exchange on all the major crypto-currency exchanges to ensure that TAT is never a concern for the LIGER users.

    LIGER will have its own Casinos and part lease gaming space in others operational casinos. All the LIGER contents (Online and Offline) will have games and processes designed on the blockchain technology.

  3. What are the service provider benefits?

    Speed of Settlement 
    The LIGER team will ensure speedy settlements between the user and the merchants as they would not have to undergo the cumbersome conventional process of settlement through banks.

    Driving Traffic 
    LIGER will partner the Tied-up Merchants in driving traffic to their Casinos/Websites. All LIGER Token users will be incentivized for the usage of LIGER as a payment method. This will draw them to the Merchants accepting LIGER as a preferred mode of payment.

    Ease of Reach 
    The merchants will get the opportunity to share their offerings directly to the potential user using the LIGER website as the base of LIGER holders will be the perfect Target Group for the promotion of their offerings both in the online as well as offline space.

  4. What is Liger’s business model?

    Every successful business has always created a differentiation through identifying the emerging trends proactively and developing the businesses in line with these trends.

    Using the technological advancements to create differentiated Products and Services is the core of all successful ventures right from Alibaba to Microsoft to Apple. Creating compatibility and hence customer loyalty through a supportive ecosystem is the key.

    LIGER leverages the safety and transparency of the blockchain technology to ensure fairness of outcome in the online gaming space. LIGER uses the SMARTCONTRACTS for disbursement to all Token holders making the process real time, seamless, intervention free and honest.

    LIGER seeks to build a community of users, service and content providers that benefit out of the unique ecosystem that it offers.

  5. How is Liger better than its competitors?

    Speed and Cost- Real Time Transactions. Option of immediate merchant settlement at the Exchanges.

    Acceptance- High acceptance. The LIGER team will have tie ups across the physical Casinos for acceptance of LIGER through POS.

    Ease of Usage- Very easy to use. Liger wallets will be integrated to the POS installed.

    Benefits- Liger users will get incentives in the form of extra chips in Online and Offline Casinos.

    Ease of acquisition- Can be purchased real-time from exchanges.

  6. What are Liger’s business goals?

    Liger’s business objective is as follows:

    To achieve 1% market share by value in 5 years from inception across the 3 identified Industries (Online & Offline Casinos and Fantasy Sports). The consolidated value is around $500 Billion and expected to reach $600 Billion by 2022. Our endeavour will be to have $5 Billion transacted through LIGER. To drive LIGER as the currency of choice. LIGER will use the Blockchain technology to create adequate content and utility through the LIGER cryptocurrency.

    To provide superior speed of transactions to both the User and Service Provider with an assurance of complete safety and transparency.

    To provide all the stake holders a hassle free and real time settlements.

  7. What is the Liger timeline?

    March 1, 2017 – Business Idea

    March to October 2017 – Prototype

    October to March 2018 – ICO Marketing, ICO Launch

    April to July 2018 – Recruitment, Training, Tie-up and Acquisition

    August 2018 – Exchange Registration

    August 2018 beginning – Marketing Campaign

Website: https://www.ligercoin.com/

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Main info:
Token Name LIC Token
Token Symbol: LIC
Total Supply: Total nr. of tokens: 2.7 billion
Rate: 0.025 Euro
ICO Start Date: 17 / June / 2018
ICO End Date: 01 / August / 2018
PRE-ICO Start Date: 18 / April / 2018
PRE-ICO End Date: 16 / June / 2018

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