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Save your investment in Crypto Currency!

SAVE Token is a revolutionary system for finding peace of mind when investing in Crypto. Our team has been thoroughly working on the development of the idea behind the SAVE token for over year. We believe that the service will be able to attract first time investor who have heard about the success of crypto currency but are reluctant to invest because of the volatility of the crypto market and the lack of centralization and control. Likewise, we believe that this policy will allow seasoned investors to secure their investments, especially for the ones who would like to “hodl” an investment. After keeping our development secret for too long, we are ready to launch our crowdfunding phase.

Our vision started as a result to extreme volatility. We consider our service to fill a gap in the market. Hence, we have started with the goal of giving people peace of mind. Investing in cryptocurrency is exciting indeed, however the risk is relatively high considering in the face of bans and regulations. We have seen the opportunity to give investors in cryptocurrency a mechanism of buy back. We are months away from launching our service and we are applying the finishing touches. What is SAVE? SAVE is a cryptocurrency token linked to a system of buy back for crypto investment. In order to access the policy and protect your investment, you will have to pay 5% in FIAT and 2% in SAVE. The FIAT will be paid via wire transfer or credit/debit card while the SAVE will have to be bought off the market, using various exchanges, and paid at the time of issue.

The market is offering a great opportunity for profit. The unprecedented increase of investment in cryptocurrency has created a multi billion market for adjacent services. New investors will eventually enter the crypto world. SAVE tries to ease this process and offer some security. Why invest in SAVE? As a serious company we are committed to making the world a better place and help people understand the crypto market better. With scams and trickery on the market people are reluctant to invest in crypto. As a result, currently the crypto market potential is far from being reached. If our platform gains the necessary recognition we will be able to attract new investors into the market for crypto.

Furthermore, the SAVE token is closely linked to our service, as a result we are creating a market for the token certain to increase in value. Our ICO is the best time buy the token. You will receive preferential pricing and a bonus. We are launching our first phase of the SAVE token ICO. Starting 23rd of February 2018 you will be able to buy SAVE token. Do not miss out.

Visit us at: https://www.saveinvest.io 

Telegram: https://t.me/savetoken


Website: https://www.saveinvest.io

917 % done. And Days -237 Left

Main info:
Token Name SAVE
Token Symbol: SAVE
Total Supply: Total supply 350 000 000 SAVE TOKENS
Rate: 0.1$
ICO Start Date: 23 / February / 2018
ICO End Date: 23 / March / 2018

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