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Trident coin - Pre-sale ICO


Own the market instead of picking winners. We’re in a new era for cryptocurrency. In the several years prior to march 2017, Bitcoin was almost always over 80% of the entire market. Since March, Bitcoin has become less than 50%, while many other protocols have grown to significant market caps and developed substantial communities. The Trident Index Fund holds the top 10 cryptocurrencies weighted by market cap. The coins in the Trident Index initially will comprise 85% of the market, and are rebalanced as the market changes.

Owning the TDC will give higher returns, lower volatility, and higher Sharpe Ratio than just owning Bitcoin.

Looking to the future, Trident coin comes as a result of aspects such as coin supply, mining and algorithms, its unique features and the supportive community. If one takes all of this into consideration, it is easy to see why Trident Coin is well ahead of its time and is an excellent investment opportunity. It is further backed by its supply and demand combined with the Trident platform. As time goes by, Trident Coin will show an upward movement due to the fact that it has a fixed and steady supply of new Trident coins. The system, which is cleverly designed to self-regulate will create many wealthy investors in the future.

Trident offers many exciting and lucrative investment options for customers. Trading with Trident Coin is but one such an option. Others includes in www.tridentcryptofund.com. 


Website: https://tridentcryptofund.com

94 % done. And Days 12 Left

Main info:
Token Name Trident
Token Symbol: TDC
Total Supply: 110000000
Rate: 0.60
PRE-ICO Start Date: 30 / April / 2018
PRE-ICO END Date: 31 / October / 2018
ICO Start Date ICO: 01 / November / 2018
ICO End Date ICO: 31 / December / 2018

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