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WeiCrowd ICO

Trading & Investing

End to end ICO lifecycle management and exchange solution with incubation.

Right Startups, Right Funding, And Right Growth.

WeiCrowd is a powerhouse of data and human insights which aims to address these key challenges of the Token economy. It owns one of the largest token database and employs Big Data-AI, ML and Human Insights for real time signals. It’s the First of its kind unified platform for the Token economy. It has SEVEN Key modules - The WeiLauncher, The WeiFolio, The WeiCubator, The WeiX , The WeiScrow ,The WeiCap and The WeiScore.

WeiCrowd Platform

1.  WeiLauncher - Launch a Crowdsale in few days - Power of Automation

2.   WeiFolio - Token Folio Management and Growth - Power of data driven insights

3.   WeiCubator - Project Acceleration - Power of crowd-sourcing

4.   WeiX - Liquidity - Power of decentralized community consensus

5 WeiScrow - Risk free funding - Power of smart contracts and community stake

6 WeiCap - SoftCap Assurance - Power of smart contracts and community insights

7 WeiScore - Token Quality and Crowdsale success - Power of Big Data, AI-ML, Human Insights

Website: https://www.weicrowd.com/

131 % done. And Days -37 Left

Main info:
Token Name WEIS
Token Symbol: WEIS
Total Supply: 300000000
Rate: 0.10USD = 1WEIS
ICO Start Date: 14 / May / 2018
ICO End Date: 12 / September / 2018

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