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Website 4
Team 4.5
Project 5
Event Start End Days
Whitelist: Apr 1, 2018 Aug 31, 2018 Ended 2 years ago
Private Sale: May 1, 2018 Jul 31, 2018 Ended 2 years ago
Pre-ICO: Nov 30, 2018 Oct 29, 2018 Ended 2 years ago
Main ICO Sale: Oct 30, 2018 Oct 31, 2019 Ended 1 year ago
Project based in: United States
ICO Name: DecentraX
Ticker: DCX
Project Category: Software
Project Type: Blockchain
Project Platform: Ethereum
Restricted Countries: -
KYC: Yes
AML: Yes
Basic Token Price: 1 = 194 DCX
Minimum Contribution: 1,000 USD
Token Total Supply: 25,000,000
Token for sale: 11,000,000
Soft cap: 11,000,000
Hard Cap: 25,000,000
Bounty: Available

The DecentraX (DCX) blockchain is being built from the ground up by designing the proprietary hardware that runs the network around blockchain needs. DCX Minmaster Chips are designed from the ground up around processing hash algorithms, to effectively allow for increased Transactions Per Second (TPS). The goal of the DCX team will be to meet and exceed 1,000,000 TPS on the DCX Network.


DCX blockchain will grow with each new project that is adopted into the DCX Network, starting with a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that will aim to resolve ease of use and liquidity problems seen with the options currently available to the market. DCX will act as the gas of the exchange, as every swap that occurs will be paid for in DCX. The DecentraX team believes that DEX trading is the future and will free projects and investors from the chains seen with centralized exchange


DecentraX has a goal of producing utility of moving Assets via Title, or Pink slip, etc onto the Blockchain and utilizing Atomic Swaps via their DEX Wallets through their Public orderbook that’s accessible through their Software/App mobile and desktop wallets that will store multiple Cryptocurrency Assets and will allow users to deploy their own contracts, so the users can trade Assets for Crypto with monetary value or Asset to Asset trades (like pink slips) without sacrificing ownership of your private keys to complete a Peer-To-Peer trade This will eliminate fraud with selling peer-to-peer online, you’ll be able to safely sell houses, cars, tickets and more online without dealing with fraudulent transactions on the buyer or sellers end.


Decentrax is operating Legally, and they are one of the first ICO's to register for Reg D Exemption with the SEC. They are also made up of a team of high skilled Networking Specialists, ASIC Chip Engineers, Community Managers, Solidity Developers, UI/UX designers from PayPal and eBay, and Software developers who have revolutionized HTML based multi-platforming App / Software solutions 


ICO tem member Keith Son
Keith Son


ICO tem member Larry

UI/UX Designer

ICO tem member Alex Lontayo
Alex Lontayo

Social Media Manager

ICO tem member GP Singh
GP Singh

Chip Engineer

ICO tem member Minesh Amin
Minesh Amin


ICO tem member Kyle Belford
Kyle Belford

Project Manager