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ICO rating of DEXON

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Website 4.5
Team 5
Project 5
Event Start End Days
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Private Sale: - - -
Pre-ICO: - - -
Main ICO Sale: Mar 27, 2019 Apr 30, 2019 Ended 1 year ago
Project based in: Taiwan
Ticker: DXN
Project Category: Platform
Project Type: Blockchain
Project Platform: EOS
Restricted Countries: Canada, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, United States,
KYC: Yes
Minimum Contribution: 50 USD
Token for sale: 15M DXN
Hard Cap: 3,000,000 USD

DEXON is the latest distributed ledger technology that solves the “trilemma” of current blockchain technology: decentralization, security, and scalability.

It provides the ultimate solution for hosting industry-level DApps that can serve 1B+ user in real world scenarios, such as IoT, smart payments, gaming, music, and assets exchange services.

DEXON is capable of processing 1M+ TPS with transaction confirmation finality of 1 second. Moreover, the DEXON consensus algorithm is mathematically proven to be secure while being Byzantine fault tolerant.

DEXON is currently backed by global top-tier venture capitals such as IDG Capital. As a strategic partner, IDG Capital has led the first round of $20M USD investment in DEXON.


  • Reliable

DEXON possess high throughput, low finality, and high level of network partition tolerance. DEXON is a high-performance and reliable network that can be used to a broad range of applications.

  • Fair

Vast numbers of stakeholders can join the DEXON consensus algorithm, avoiding a minority-controlled network. It solves miner centralization issues because everyone has an equal chance to propose blocks. It’s fairer for each stakeholder to benefit from, and contribute to, the network.

  • Friendly

DEXON provides the most developer-friendly programming languages, such as EVM and SQLVM, for developers of all level to build their own Decentralized Applications (DApps) and prove their concepts with ease.


ICO tem member Tai-Yuan Chen (Popo)
Tai-Yuan Chen (Popo)


ICO tem member Wei-Ning Huang
Wei-Ning Huang


ICO tem member Jill Shih
Jill Shih

Executive Director

ICO tem member Hsuan Lee
Hsuan Lee

VP Engineering