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Website 4.5
Team 5
Project 5
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Main ICO Sale: Jan 11, 2020 Feb 11, 2020 Ended 8 months ago
Project based in: France
ICO Name: Kleros
Ticker: PNK
Project Category: Governance
Project Type: Token
Project Platform: Ethereum
Restricted Countries: Iran, North Korea,
Token Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Token for sale: 150,000,000

Decentralized Courts

The blockchain dispute resolution layer. Fast, open and affordable justice for all.


3 to 5% of the 38.5 billion e-commerce transactions per year end in a dispute. This means that roughly 155 million disputes need to be reviewed every year. That number is not only growing but likely to spill over into the newly burgeoning blockchain economy.

Recently, regulators have encouraged the use of alternative and online dispute resolution in commercial and consumer disputes. However, existing resolution methods are slow, expensive or complex for most disputes, which usually involve just a few hundred euros between agents in different jurisdictions.

Kleros is an online dispute resolution platform that leverages blockchain and crowdsourcing to provide an efficient resolution system for a number of frequent consumer disputes in areas such as e-commerce, collaborative economy and others. 

Disputes sent to Kleros are resolved by a panel of randomly selected jurors. Blockchain guarantees that no party can tamper with the evidence nor manipulate jury selection and that rulings are automatically enforced by smart contracts.

The use of crypto-economic incentives results in a radically more efficient dispute resolution method which can greatly enhance access to justice in the context of the digital age.

Kleros’ potential also includes content curation for applications such as fake news detection and fighting hate speech online, as well as oracle applications with the potential to secure a large number of contracts in insurance and finance.

Kleros has produced three live Dapps with real users and over 200 staked jurors on their platform. 


ICO tem member Clement Lesaege
Clement Lesaege


ICO tem member Federico Ast
Federico Ast


ICO tem member Stuart James
Stuart James


ICO tem member Sam Vitello
Sam Vitello

Lead Developer

ICO tem member William George
William George

Lead Researcher

ICO tem member Plinio Braga
Plinio Braga

UX Designer

ICO tem member Damjan Malbasic
Damjan Malbasic

Comms Lead

ICO tem member Ferit Tuncer
Ferit Tuncer

Dapp Developer

ICO tem member Matheus Alencar de Faria
Matheus Alencar de Faria

Dapp Developer

ICO tem member Lola Guerin
Lola Guerin

Office Manager

ICO tem member Addison Huegel
Addison Huegel


ICO tem member Laurence Zhang
Laurence Zhang


ICO tem member Tobias Glemming
Tobias Glemming