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Website 4
Team 3
Project 4
Event Start End Days
Whitelist: - - -
Private Sale: - - -
Pre-ICO: Feb 4, 2019 Feb 28, 2019 Ended 1 year ago
Main ICO Sale: Mar 1, 2019 Mar 31, 2019 Ended 1 year ago
Project based in: South Africa
ICO Name: TheSecretStash
Ticker: SECS
Project Category: Cryptocurrency
Project Type: Business
Project Platform: TRON
Restricted Countries: -
Pre-Sale Token Price: 1 SECS 44 TRX
Basic Token Price: 1 - 44 TRX
Minimum Contribution: 10 USD
Token Total Supply: 11000000 - 5mil locked till 2020
Token for sale: 5000000
Soft cap: 5000000
Hard Cap: 11000000

THE SECRET STASH Organisation has developed a trading platform were anyone on the network can be a buyer, a merchant or both. Our organisation aims to provide seamless and convenient ways to trade cannabis or cannabis related products on a global scale. The platform is not limited to trading cannabis only.


While others are rasing funds our project is up and running. 


BUYERS can browse and find the best strains, seeds, equipment, medicinal certified products, paraphernalia order and get the stock delivered via courier (community members to vote on naming the delivery token).

Buyers can also rate the Merchant the Product and post a review (random rewards will be given out).

Buyers will get rewards based on transaction volumes .


Merchants to lock “x” amount of coins in order to list ads – this mechanism is to protect the buyer from non deliverable’s – e.g: buyer places an order, does not receive , cancels and does not get refunded by Merchant the locked coin will be used for reimbursement. 

If your product is sold out or you would like to de-list you will receive your locked coin within 24 hours. So its free advertising on our network.

Merchants must complete 3 orders at market price (determined by SECS community) in order to get rated.

Merchants that are highly rated will get prime real estate on main screen.


Crypto to Fiat 

Rewards paid in TRX and other TRX Tokens as well





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Marketing and Project management