Exciting new YPTOCOIN goes on sale at the lowest price in the first phase of ICO!

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Exciting new YPTOCOIN goes on sale at the lowest price in the first phase of ICO!

Press Release

YPTCOIN will be offered to investors at the low first phase price of $0.01 in a few days 

The decentralized cryptocurrency YPTOcoin is a new crypto utility coin from YPTOspace for buying and selling across a wide range of products and services, including YPTO referral programme. YPTOspace platform gives users:

● Security for every transaction using high-speed blockchain technology

● Anonymous transactions using automated blockchain protocols

● Option to use cryptocurrency and fiat to trade and pay simultaneously in real time with lowest exchange fees in the cryptocurrency market

YPTOcoin price will be dictated by the market after the initial coin sale. Early public investors are invited to buy at the early low price in the first phase of ICO, and by the fourth phase, the investment value of the coin will have already given a profit as it is being offered at a higher price.

YPTOspace is being rolled out as the latest and most dynamic cryptocurrency ecosystem to give a broader range of users more options to use cryptocurrency in all forms of everyday life from shopping to crypto trading to gambling and sports betting.

The platform developers are determined to bring YPTOcoin as a form of payment that outstrips any other cryptocurrency making the shift from crypto to fiat payments easier and less expensive than any other currently on offer. YPTOspace will act as a personal platform giving users multiple products and services including:  

 ● A cryptocurrency trading platform with the lowest fees of the market;

● A payment solution where people can pay instantly and with zero fees using any crypto or fiat whatever the requested currency is;

● Pre-paid cards that can be loaded up with crypto or fiat, multi-currencies bank accounts;

● Sports betting and casino platform available in any country and allowing people to play and bet with crypto;

● Automated Trading Bot requiring no prior programming experience that gives professional crypto exchange traders the opportunity to formulate and test trading strategies 

 YPTOspace built for valued customers to take cryptocurrency to the world. 

 “YPTOpace is here to disrupt the way we deal with money and break the bridge between crypto and fiat currencies.” Grégory Stoos, CEO YPTOspace

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