Fortune Asia 2018 An Event on Block chain

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Fortune Asia 2018 An Event on Block chain

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Fortune Asia 2018 – An Event on Block chain – Future Tech & Currency & Global CIO Forum to be held in Mumbai on December 5, 2018

Fortune Asia 2018 – An Event on Block chain


Tefla’s is organizing Fortune Asia 2018 – an Event on Block chain – Future Tech & Currency along with CIO Awards on December 05, 2018 at St. Regis, Mumbai which will help connect, educate, collaborate and involve masses about the latest trends in the Block chain space. On Nov 5, Reliance received India’s first payment using blockchain .The blockchain market is driven by the growing adoption of the technology by financial institutions and is disrupting the financial industry by modifying the business operations and developing new business models. 

Aadil Singh, Director, Tefla’s expressed his happiness in organizing this event and stated, “Innovators are exploring ways to use Blockchain to disrupt and transform traditional business models across many industry such as financial services, healthcare, government and many others. Many industry leaders have already achieved significant business benefits, including greater transparency, enhanced security, improved traceability, increased efficiency and speed of transaction, and reduced costs”

“As per the latest news, the increasing investment by the venture capitalists in the Blockchain technology is a significant factor propelling the market growth which is expected to cross USD 16 billion marks by 2024.In 2017, approximately USD 1 billion was invested in Blockchain start-ups with more than 185 deals across the globe.The Blockchain industry has great opportunities in the coming future.”he added.


During Fortune Asia Expo participants will exhibit their developments and innovative platforms in the blockchain technology. 


To name a few eminent speakers who will be making presentation during this event are Kumar Gaurav – Founder & CEO – Cashaa, Dr. Evan Singh Luthra, CEO & Founder – EL Group International Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor – Honorary Ph. D in Blockchain; Shahin Noble Pilli – Founder – CoinAdvice & Co Founder – Asia Blockchain Expo, Girish Bajaj, Global CEO/ Strategist – GB Blockchainer, Arvind Ravindranath, Nishith Desai Associates, Legal & Tax Counseling Worldwide, Sean H. Worthington, President, CloudCoin Consortium, Karthik Iyer - Blockchain Monk, Varun Sethi, Partner – Blockchain Lawyer, Sheetal Bhasin, Community Manager – YatraCoin. Dr. Ravi Chamria, CEO – Sofocle Technologies, Mohit Mamoria, CEO – Authorito Capital, Jaspreet Bindra, Co-Founder, Stealth Mode Startup Company, independent Advisor and Consultant on Digital Transformation and Blockchain, NS Nappinai, Advocate, Sarang Bhoyar, Blockchain Leader, Infosys, Sameer Sibal, Partner, Jerome Merchant, Vaibhav Domkundwar , CEO & Founder – Better Labs, Anand Mahajan, CEO – Sphinx Solutions Pvt Ltd, Naresh Jain, Co-Founder, Snapper Future Tech – Blockchain Technology & Innovation Company, Mithil Thakore, Co- Founder, Quillhash Technologies, Pramod Panda Former Principal Chief General Manager, RBI- Member, Board of Studies, Business Economics, Dr. Hari Krishna Maram, Director, Imperial College of Business Studies, Rahul Sanghi, Strategy and BD Lead, Koinex, Ayush Singh, Sr. Trader - Agricommodities, Meir Commodities, Ashley Turing, CEO, LiveTree, Shekhar Menon, Medialexicon, Ashish Anand – Blockchain Advisory Council, NLC. 

The event will be a forum to explore opportunities and discuss various use-case of Block chain across different industry verticals. Furthermore, it will provide a platform for industry leaders and stakeholders to meet up and exchange ideas followed by the Award Ceremony.


About Tefla’s:

Tefla’s  has  specialized  in  Conceptualizing, Planning,  Promoting  &  Organizing Research based, Industry Specific Conferences & Exhibitions in association with Trade  bodies & Industry  Leaders.  Tefla’s has been successful in bringing the industry community to common platforms, thus expanding the knowledge sphere for Industry and enhancing values through processed information & expert analysis. Tefla’s has to its credit a series of Events in various industries which are the annual events of the particular industry attracting wide and comprehensive participation. 

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