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The industry of booking and home-sharing is one of the hot spots, receiving a lot of investment in the last decade. This trend comes from the increasing demand for travel and short-term accommodation of tourists and customers.

We all know the big names in this bookings industry like Airbnb, Zipcar, Lyft, Kickstarter with a worldwide distribution system. However, they still have many limitations and inadequacies in the system such as asset management, dispute resolution, market maintenance and cost optimization.

The current leaders of peer-to-peer sharing services like Airbnb are struggling with their fraud list and fighting their dispute settlement systems, limiting direct value exchange between parties related to the platform. For services they are trusted intermediaries for guests and hosts, they charge a high commission. In addition, there are practical issues related to currency exchange, visa card or transaction fee and more, for all parties involved.



Why was Bestay born?

Bestay (BSY) is a decentralized home sharing platform. We were born to create an ecosystem that guides IoT for a sharing economy. Our focus in the first phase will be on hotels and apartments for short-term rental, we are also dealing with peer asset management. The platform takes advantage of advanced technologies from decentralized and decentralized computing, blockchain, IoT (Internet of Things) and information and data system security. Provides an effective and automated solution in which the provider of value and users will be able to exchange values ​​directly, efficiently and seamlessly. Therefore, Bestay can provide products of the same quality but at a lower price, while still controlling strict requirements: understand your product (Know Your Product – KYP) and understand customers. Your item (Know Your Customer – KYC) before being accepted into Bestay system platform.


What do you get when using the Bestay platform?

Bestay offers the following advantages over traditional home sharing platforms:

  1. Empower users by letting the community adjust itself in a transparent way.
  2. Lower cost, optimal cost of participants
  3. Trust provided by blockchain and smart contracts.
  4. Advanced security features, no one can change the system or data easily.
  5. Easily arbitrate and resolve disputes in case of problems between guests and hosts.
  6. One-stop solution directly for guests and hosts.


Token BSY

Token of Bestay (BSY) is a utility token, operating as a currency in our platform. BSY will be used to make a stay payment, rewarding friends to join the ecosystem and much more.

  • Type of blockchain: EOS
  • IEO notification code type: ERC-20
  • Symbol token: BSY
  • Accepted currency to buy BSY: ETH
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 BSY
  • Total sale: 600,000,000 BSY
  • Decimal: 18


Overall, 1,000,000,000 BSY will be released. The hard limit for token sale is 60%. 40% of the total issued tokens will be divided by marketing (12%), core team (6%), reverse fund (8%), private investors (5%), founders (5%), advisors (2 %) and partners (2%).

With the values ​​that Bestay ecosystem brings to the parties and the listing of BSY token on the Top 3 in the near future, we believe that the value of BSY token will increase significantly. Therefore, we propose to you about buying BSY right at the early stages at, you will enjoy many incentives and will definitely be profitable in the future.

Any information or inquiries, please contact us via email

Share This Cool ICO related Content

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