YPTOspace launch

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YPTOspace launch

Press Release

YPTOspace takes what are currently separate services – bank accounts, online casinos, exchanges, trading, investment and so on – and unifies them into a single "Digital Asset Ecosystem." It is a comprehensive financial ecosystem service platform.  


On the YPTOspace platform, users can seamlessly use products and services with the same account: 

● A cryptocurrency trading platform with the lowest fees of the market;

● A payment solution where people can pay instantly and with zero fees with any crypto or fiat whatever the requested currency is;

● Pre-paid cards that can be loaded up with crypto or fiat, multi-currencies bank accounts; 

● A bet and casino platform available in any country and allowing people to play and bet with crypto;

● A trading bot system that doesn’t require programming knowledge for everyone to create his own bot; 

● And among other services; 


The platform YPTOspace brings advanced technology to the world of cryptocurrencies ensuring greater privacy and security with high-speed scalability. 


YPTOspace allows everyone to transact anywhere on the planet instantaneously. Transactions are entirely anonymous for security purposes yet transparent and fully traceable with no single entity to have power over many. 


YPTOpace is here to disrupt the way we deal with money and break the bridge between crypto and fiat currencies.” Grégory Stoos, CEO YPTOspace.  

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